The World’s Funniest Piggy Banks


Remember when saving was fun? You were just a kid dropping quarters in your piggy bank, dreaming of the day when you’d crack it open and buy something truly wanted with your treasure. 

But you grew up. Saving became an automated, abstract process revolving around direct deposits, online transfers and debit card purchases. Pocket change? Why bother. A few quarters here or there would hardly add up to anything, right? 

Wrong! If you get into the habit of saving up your change consistently, at the end of the year you could end up with dozens, even hundreds of dollars, to splurge on whatever your heart desires. And guess what: even piggy banks these days can be fun to keep around. With the hope to reignite your love for saving, we recently went searching for funny, unusual or simply wacky piggybanks (Missile-shaped? Really?). Below is a slideshow displaying eighteen of the best ones we found. Click on the green dots to view the different images. Happy saving!


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