Designer Jeans For Less Than $20?


Even the most frugal of shoppers have their weak spots. For some, it’s splurging on an expensive pair of shoes every now and then, for others it’s designer purses.

For many, it’s premium denim. There’s something about a $200 pair of jeans that makes one feel that purchasing it was a solid financial decision. The soft fabric, the trendy frayed look, the creases at the very right places. And, let’s face it, after spending a week’s worth of groceries on a piece of garment, one even begins to imagine that this new “investment” is making their legs look longer and buttocks — smaller.

That argument was particularly easy to buy into during the go-go years of the first half of this decade. Designer jean labels sold distressed looks adorned with Swarovski crystals for $300, $400, and even $600 a piece. But harder economic times got many consumers to reconsider their jean budgets — and, pun not intended, ultra-pricey demin fell to the bottom of their shopping list.

Today, some savvy fashionistas are even finding ways to give cheap $20 jeans an expensive, designer look. How? Take a look at the WalletPop video above, where “Bargain Babe” Julia Scott shows you in detail how to create your own designer-esque jeans. From softening the fabric by washing them repeatedly with a pair of clean tennis shoes, to achieving a darker wash by soaking them in strong coffee, you’ll learn some neat tricks that could ultimately save you hundreds of dollars.

Still can’t quit your addiction to premium denim? Head to a discount retailer like Filene’s Basement or even warehouse clubs like Costco, where these days you could find a perfectly fine pair of 7 For All Mankind or Guess jeans for half the department store’s price.

How much do you spend on jeans? Let us know in the comments.

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