This Holiday Season’s Best Android Shopping Apps



The holiday shopping season is in full swing — but that doesn’t mean you should be throwing your hard-earned money at retailers without at least trying to find the best deals or ways to save.

If you use an Android phone, you’re in luck: thanks to a number of shopping apps available for your phone, you can do just that, earn special coupons, store shopping lists, and more.

In addition to the six shopping apps for Android phones (and iPhones) we recently featured, here are a few more Android apps that will help you save this holiday season:


If you’re the type of person who prefers in-store shopping to going online, Milo is the application for you. Milo has established relationships with both local and national retail locations and brings you the most up-to-date inventory, sale and pricing information available. Search for an item in Milo, and you will find every store in your area that carries it, how much it costs at each location, and consumer reviews to help you decide if the product is right for you. You needn’t waste precious holiday shopping time chasing a sold-out deal all the way across town again. Additionally, the desktop version of allows you to set price alerts on items that you find to be too expensive at the moment. If the price ever falls below your alert threshold, you will receive a notification and a chance to take advantage of the sale.



Redlaser, which just recently launched on Android, is perhaps the most talked-about barcode scanning application on the market, receiving rave reviews from Fortune, MacWorld, NewsWeek, the New York Times, Fortune, and many more. It uses the phone’s camera to find competitive prices of almost any product you can find on a store shelf. Camera lens foggy? No problem – if the bar code won’t scan, RedLaser allows you to manually enter the code and access the same bargain-hunting information.

The true genius of RedLaser shines through in its unique additional features. For example, fans of literature can save money by scanning books at any book store and locate them at local libraries. If you or a loved one is allergic to any food, RedLaser takes all the guesswork out of grocery shopping. Simply scan the bar code of any food on the shelf and the powerful app can check the contents of the product against your list of food allergens. The makers of RedLeaser offer a software development kit (SDK) that lets any developer create additional features to the program, so the updates and possibilities are endless.



For the true bargain shopper, there’s no greater joy than getting a barely used item for dirt cheap. Craigsnotifica is a tool that makes Craigslist easy and fun to browse from your phone. Focusing on your local Craigslist area, Craigsnotifica lets you set notifications on items you want so that you’ll never miss another killer opportunity again. Using the simple interface, you can set tracking pins on categories or specific items, and designate a price range you would be comfortable paying. You can even enter keywords and phrases you want to monitor, such as “Les Paul Guitar.”

When someone in your area lists one of your desired items, you will be notified instantly and given the chance to contact the seller. These alerts come with full pictures and information so that you can be sure of the item before you bother responding.

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