6 Coupon Myths Debunked


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The average coupon user in America is college educated and at least 24 years of age.  With more people tuning to coupons to help lower their grocery bill, there still remains a certain stigma when it comes to coupons.  Let’s bust the top six myths about coupons.

1.  Collecting coupons is too time consuming

Wrong!  A decade ago, when coupons were only available in your local Sunday paper, that very well may have been the case.  Coupons today are everywhere and you almost have to go out of your way to avoid them.  No longer confined to a once-a-week paper, you’ll find coupons in all of these locations:
====>Daily papers
====>Manufacturer’s websites
====>On the back of receipts
====>On coffee cups
====>On fast food packaging
====>In your email
====>On your cell phone
====>and more!

2.  People who use coupons are cheap

False.  Cheap equals living off ramen noodles each day, everyday, whereas mindful consumers know that they can use coupons and eat like a king.  Taking advantage of the fabulous offers that manufacturers put forth allows you to save money with coupons so that you can spend those savings on things you really enjoy, like going to the movies or taking a vacation.

3.  Coupons only help to save you money on processed foods

Not true.  While you will find an abundance of coupons that cover the purchase of processed foods, you will find just as many coupons for bagged salads, frozen vegetables, diapers, cleaning supplies and lean meats.  The beauty of using coupons is that you only have to clip and save those coupons that you want and will use.

4.  Generic products are cheaper than using a coupon on name brand items

Untrue.  While in some cases it may be less expensive to go with a generic item, that isn’t always the case.  Many times you’ll actually save more money when purchasing the name brand item if you combine a coupon with in-store specials or shop on double coupon day. The key to savings is in comparison shopping.

5.  You’ll only save with coupons if you go to multiple stores

False.  Even in remote areas, your local grocery store offers bargains that can be made even better by using coupons.  And while you may save a few cents not purchasing cleaning supplies in the grocery store, you’ll eat those savings in gas to drive to the warehouse club after leaving the grocery store.

6.  Dollar stores are cheaper than grocery stores

Not true.  There are very few actual dollar stores left that offer products for $1 or less.  Most dollar stores are priced similarly to your local grocery or hardware store.  Once again, it’s important to comparison shop.  If you find that some items are really less expensive at the dollar store, by all means you should take advantage of those savings.  In many cases though, using a coupon and reaping the rewards of specially priced items at your grocery store is really cheaper than your neighborhood dollar store.


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