Saving Money

Valentine’s Day Gifts: 6 Practically Free Ways to Celebrate

Money certainly doesn’t buy love (like, true love), but Valentine’s Day marketers always do their best to convince us that chocolates, fancy dinners and jewelry are sure-fire ways to your beloved’s heart. Last Valentine’s Day, the National Retail Federation estimated Americans spent close to $12 billion on their significant others and spouses – the most ... Read more

Tax Tips

7 Commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions

A big part of ensuring you get the biggest tax refund possible is claiming all the tax deductions and credits your eligible for. We all know life events like having children or buying a house have tax benefits, but what about other ways to save? It may seem impossible to know them all, but luckily, ... Read more

Credit Info

What Your Credit Score Says About You

Your credit score is more than just a number. It represents how reliable a borrower you are, how well (or poorly) you manage your debt. Just like your SAT scores back in high school (which I prefer to never think about again), it will spark judgement. Prospective lenders, landlords and maybe even a new dating ... Read more

Money Etiquette

Money Manners: Tipping [Video]

A few weeks ago two service repairmen visited our home to fix our HVAC units. My husband tipped them each $20 on their way out because they’d been extra helpful. One man happily accepted, while the other kindly declined. Can you guess why? It’s tricky. It’s not always clear how much we should tip – ... Read more