Money Etiquette

Money Manners: Tipping [Video]

A few weeks ago two service repairmen visited our home to fix our HVAC units. My husband tipped them each $20 on their way out because they’d been extra helpful. One man happily accepted, while the other kindly declined. Can you guess why? It’s tricky. It’s not always clear how much we should tip – ... Read more

How To

Bailing Out Mom and Dad: A How-To

You read that headline right. Sometimes parents ask their adult children for money, as they struggle with the financial stress of debt, a job loss or the rising cost of retirement living. A 2015 survey by TD Ameritrade found that one in five Millennials and Gen X’ers are supporting their parents. And for those with ... Read more


Got bills? We’ve got updates!

Your feedback means the world to us, and we’ve been listening. Hello Minters- Mint Product Manager, Brittany, here! You may have noticed Mint has recently released a new bill pay and bill tracking feature (ahem, our biggest update in years 😀👏🤑). Your feedback and excitement for this new product is so energizing for us – ... Read more

Financial Planning

Hey, Big Spender! Can You Afford It?

Big goals can carry price big tags. Whether you plan to buy a home, a new car or treat yourself to a much-needed vacation, you’ll need the money. And before you can really start planning for these big expenses, you’ll want to ask yourself, “Can I (or should I) afford it?” If the answer is ... Read more


Mint Takes the Work (and Worry) Out of Bills

At the end of the year, becoming better stewards of our money ranks right up there with New Year’s resolutions focused on going to the gym, eating healthier foods, and spending more time with family and friends. And yet, several months into the New Year, I still really want the basket of fries and my ... Read more

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Bill Pay

4 Ways to Give Your Bills More Breathing Room

With three-fourths of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck, according to, (including some who earn six-figures a year), paying our bills on time each month can be very difficult. Even if we earn “enough” to cover our expenses, bills have a tendency to pile up leaving many of us close to cash poor for a period of ... Read more