Travel Tips

How to Create a Budget for a Trip Abroad

Budgeting for a trip seems easy, right? You just need to save a bunch of money and divide it into 3: food, flights and hotels. But what about those cool activities you want to try or figuring out how to get from A to B? There are a lot of little incidentals that go into ... Read more

Family Finances

4 Awesome Alternatives to Pet Ownership

Last week was National Puppy Day, so no doubt your Instagram feed was filled with picture after picture of oversized-paws, pink tongues and floppy ears… all tagged #furbaby – amiright? I can imagine if you want a pet, but don’t have one, it may tug at the heart strings a bit. But having a pet ... Read more

Saving Money

4 Mind & Behavioral Tricks to Help You Save [Video]

If your goal is to save money, budgeting and tracking your spending can go a very long way. But now, thanks to science, there are some new discoveries proving that building wealth and having more self-control around spending has much ado with having the right mindset and certain disciplines. Consider these four behavioral tricks that ... Read more

Tax Tips

Top Job Seeker Tax Deductions

Traveling to job interviews. Dry-cleaning your best suit. Printing resumes on quality paper. Working with a job search coach. If you engaged in any job search activities in 2016, you may be able to deduct the related expenses from your taxes. One of the most important things to note about job search tax deductions, is ... Read more

Family Finances

Money Milestones: Affording a Baby [Video]

  Guess how much it costs to raise a child these days (not including college costs). The latest government figures show that for a middle-income family, parents can expect to spend close to a quarter of a million dollars to raise one child through high school. This includes food, housing, health care, and basic necessities. ... Read more

Travel Tips

The Clumsy Traveler Saves for a Trip [Video]

  Welcome back to The Clumsy Traveler’s financial planning series to save for an amazing vacation. Today’s post will tell you everything I do to save before traveling or making any major travel purchases. If you’re wondering where I’m going for my birthday trip the answer is: No, I still haven’t chosen my location. This ... Read more

Tax Tips

4 Ways to Maximize Your Tax Refund [Video]

  Expecting a tax refund? How will you make the most it? If 2016 repeats taxpayers will likely park most of their refund in a savings account this year. The National Retail Federation or NRF found that nearly 50% of Americans planned to set aside their IRS checks in 2016. It marked the highest percentage ... Read more

How To

How to Create a Budget in Mint in 6 Steps

Whether you’ve recently decided to upgrade your budgeting spreadsheet to something a bit more automated or you just landed your first job out of college and know you need to get more serious about your money, you’ve come to the right place. Before starting a budget, log in and make sure all of your accounts ... Read more