Student Finances

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Before You Graduate: 4 Financial Feats to Master

College is an amazing experience: you’re choosing a course of study and forging a unique path in life. And if you’re like many young adults, you’ll be making big decisions without the constant supervision of your parents. Chief among those decisions: your financial choices. As you’re hitting the books to earn your degree, make time ... Read more

Student Finances

4 Little Known Tips to Help You Pay School Tuition

College is expensive. According to the College Board’s 2016 Trends in College Pricing report, the average full-time student at a four year nonprofit private university will pay $35,020 a year in tuition and fees. Add in room and board and the price balloons to nearly $45,370! Over 4 years, that’s over $180,000 in tuition, fees, room ... Read more

Family Finances

How to Balance Back to School Costs

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but summer is coming to an end. You know what that means—back to school shopping! Whether you are shopping for yourself or for your growing little ones, all those expenses can make a big dent in your wallet. From new clothes to school supplies, you can ... Read more


10 Times Mint Was Way Too Savage

Here’s another roundup of the best from Twitter. We’d like to apologize for all those texts we sent last night. 😳 #1 Sometimes we throw curveballs to make sure you’re paying attention. UGH @mint keeps categorizing my @RobinhoodApp transacations as fast food LIKE HOW?!! — Aneesha Kommineni (@aneeshack4) August 16, 2017   #2 Nevertheless, she ... Read more