How YouTube Can Help Make You Extra Money

How To How YouTube Can Help Make You Extra Money

In my life as a financial planner, the one piece of advice I find myself giving to clients more often than not is to find a way to bring in extra cash. Plenty of people’s spending outpaces their earnings, and they end up in debt.

Cutting spending is one way to remedy the situation, but it doesn’t give them the money they need to pay off existing debt. Finding good ways to make extra money does.

The web has given us plenty of new ways to earn extra cash. We no longer need to take on an additional part-time job, for example. Instead, we can turn what were once non-paying hobbies into potentially lucrative careers.

Good ways to make extra money online include posting videos on YouTube.

Getting Started

All you need to make money on YouTube is a camera, an account on the website, and some creative and original ideas. Originality is key. YouTube won’t let you monetize your videos unless they are completely original.

You can’t use your favorite song, for example, unless you get permission from the person who wrote it. You’ll need to prove to the higher-ups at YouTube that you have permission to use the material, too.

If you have a Gmail account, you automatically have a YouTube account. You might prefer to make a separate account for your videos, though, to keep your personal life separate.

You’ll need to opt-in to the partner program when you upload each video, so don’t forget to click on the appropriate tab.

Make Your Videos Relevant

To make money on YouTube, people have to watch your videos. That means you need to make something that people will watch, enjoy, and then share with their friends. You have plenty of options when it comes to making a watchable video. Pick a subject you know well, then have at it.

Possible ideas include:

  • Makeup and styling tips. In each video, give the viewer tips on how to apply eye makeup or how to style the latest trends.

  • Comedy. Make people laugh by singing silly original songs or by trying out a stand up routine.

  • Personal blog. People love a soap opera. If you feel your life is full of drama and you’re comfortable sharing it, make a series of video blogs.

  • Pets. There would be no Internet without cute animals. Make your dog or cat a star by filming his or her antics.

Remember that your videos need to be appropriate for all ages. Keep profanity to a minimum and avoid anything that could be considered “adult.”

Spreading the Word

You’ll need to be an active participant in spreading the word about your videos if you want to bring in extra cash and get people to watch them. Advertise your videos on social media and encourage your friends to share your videos with their friends.

Make your videos easy for the average person to find, too. Stick to clear, short titles that give people an idea of what they are about to see. An arty title might make you feel happy, but it won’t bring in viewers, as no one will know how to search for it.

Persistence Pays Off

Not every video you post on YouTube will be a hit. If your first video doesn’t get a lot of views or doesn’t bring in much revenue, make another one. YouTube rewards account holders who post videos regularly.

Create a posting schedule and stick with it, so that you always have a new video up every week or so. You never know which video will be a runaway hit, so keep at it.

“How YouTube Can Help Make You Extra Money” was written by Kelly Anderson. 


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