How to Use Bill Reminders

How To

Update: Our bill reminder feature has been temporarily disabled in Mint. We’re working hard on improving this feature and releasing some exciting new updates to the app later this year – stay tuned! 


Managing your bill reminders is easy, since Mint does most of the set-up work for you. You’ll notice the “Upcoming Bills” section appears on your Overview page (under Advice). Mint automatically scans your account to identify anything that is likely to be a recurring bill and determines the due date. All your bills will be display on a timelines with green bars that give you visual representation of how much money is due.  Mouse-over a green bar on your timeline to see the upcoming bill. You can also see details of all your bills due in the next four weeks in the list below. To collapse this window, just click “Hide Details” and you’ll simply see the timeline view.

Setting up your bill reminders

Some bill reminders will be implemented automatically (such as credit card and loan payments). Mint will also make suggestions based on your transactions.  To see these suggestions click Change Your Reminders on the top right corner of the Upcoming Bills module. A pop-up window will appear with all the items Mint has detected.

Click the X for any items you do not wish to receive a reminder. To add a reminder, click Remind Me. You’ll be able to edit the bill name, the amount, the due date and select whether it is a credit or loan payment and whether the amount varies. Click Set Reminder and you’re done.

Creating a bill reminder from a transaction

To add a reminder for a bill Mint hasn’t automatically detected, find an instance of that bill under the Transactions tab. Click Edit Details and you’ll see a “Remind Me” button on top right corner. You’ll be directed back to the Your Bill Reminders window where you can edit the bill information.

Creating your own bill reminder from scratch

If you want a reminder for an upcoming bill that has not yet appeared in your transactions, you can create on manually by clicking Add a Reminder in the top right corner of the Your Bill Reminders window. Enter a name for the bill in the Add a reminder field (such as “Property Tax” or “Loan payment to Mom”). The window will expand and you’ll be able to enter the amount and how often it occurs. Be sure to set the due date (by default, new bill reminders you create will have a monthly due date based on the day you’ve created them) by clicking the link next to the dollar amount. Click Set Reminder and you’re done.

Setting your preferences

Determine how you want to receive your reminders by clicking the gear icon on the bottom left corner of the Your Bill Reminders window. Select whether you want a reminder via email or text and determine how many days warning you want to receive.

Stuff to know

Bill reminders can be sent to your mobile device, but to make any edits or changes, you need to be logged into your Mint account from your computer. Also, keep in mind that these are just reminders- you’ll still have to pay the bill, either by writing a check or doing an online payment.


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