How to Unclog a Toilet: A Love Story

How To How to Unclog a Toilet - A Love Story

Is your toilet clogged? Don’t panic! If you can manage this fix yourself, you can save as much as $250 by avoiding a professional plumbing bill.

When you think of love stories, characters like Romeo and Juliet, Jack and Rose or maybe Wesley and Princess Buttercup flash through your mind.

That makes sense. Those love birds had romance to burn.

Us? We think of toilet bowls and plungers.

Since it’s probably the most underrated love story around (in the house, anyway), we wanted to take a moment or two to share it with you.

Here it is – a modern take on the classic damsel in distress tale: How to Unclog Your Toilet.

Want the juicy details? Read the full toilet unclogging tutorial here.

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