How to Throw a Spooktacular Halloween Party on a Budget

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Nothing screams Halloween quite like a costume party where your friends show up dressed as goblins, witches and Miley Cyrus.

The best part? Having an awesome bash doesn’t have to be a bank-breaking endeavor – there are plenty of ways to throw a party on the cheap!

These tricks will help you cut a few corners and save some cash for more important things (like your awesome costume).

Throw the best Halloween party ever on a budget with these tips:

DIY Your Decorations

One trip to Party City will tell you that fake blood, cornstalks and witch’s cauldrons are not cheap!

Making your own decorations will not only save you money – they’ll let you have a little more freedom to add your own personality.

For easy decorations that are quick and delightfully inexpensive, check out: 5 Frightfully Fast Halloween Decorations.

Be Strategic with Your Party-Time

Unless you’re interested in cooking a full-fledged feast for everyone on your invite list, shoot to start the party a little later than dinnertime (like around 8 PM).

That way, guests won’t expect to be fed, and you’ll be able to get by with serving h’orderves like tombstone pudding cups.

Choose a Themed Cocktail

Some people like wine. Some love vodka. Some love beer. And that’s great for them, but frustrating for you if you’re trying to please everyone with your cocktail choices.

Instead, pick one lively drink and dub it the party’s signature cocktail.

Make it clear on the invitation that you’ll be providing a bucket of Witch’s Brew (or Vampire Blood or Black Cloud Cocktails), but that people are welcome to bring their own libations, too.

This way, you’re sneakily toeing the edge of BYOB while still playing host and offering something frightfully festive to drink.

Send Invitations Electronically

Be honest: do you really want to hand-write all of your invitations? Probably not!

Gone are the days of paying for stamps, mailing invitations and waiting for RSVPs. Instead, use a website like Evite or send a Facebook invitation for your party.

Not only will RSVPs be immediate, you’ll be able to message the entire party at once if something changes (or just to let them know they need to bring more chips).

Prevent Cleanup Costs

A big hidden cost of throwing a party is the aftermath!

To prevent spilled wine from ruining a good time, move any fragile items and easy-to-dirt-up furniture (like a white couch) out of the line of fire and into a room that the party won’t be in.

Also, cover up tables with tablecloths or old scarves to prevent drink rings.

Bonus: Throw some red paint on an old, white tablecloth. Bam! A haunting Halloween decoration that will prevent a mess.

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