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Before the age of blogs, Twitter feeds and reality TV, most people got their weekly dose of gossip, entertainment or even business news from a shockingly low-tech source: the magazine.

Then the Great Recession hit the magazine industry and, you could argue, changed everything. In 2009 alone, magazine publishers folded more than 400 titles, from the venerable Gourmet (launched in 1941) to the short-lived Conde Nast Portfolio, which ceased publication just a year after its launch.

Magazines have come and gone throughout the years and the industry has felt the effects of each economic downturn. (Anyone remember Mademoiselle, launched in 1935 and folded in 2001?)

But this time, some argue, is different. Consumer expectations and demands have changed drastically. Who needs to spend money on a stack of glossy pages when you can get your news and gossip far easier, not to mention video-enhanced, interactive and — best of all — free, from the Internet? (Even magazines that no longer physically exist, like the above-mentioned Gourmet and Portfolio, have retained an online presence.)

But what if we told you that you could get an annual subscription – or two – for free or almost free? There’s something about curling up on the sofa with your favorite magazine, especially if you know that you’ve paid next to nothing about it, right?

In the latest video we feature from, Julia Scott tells you how to score free magazine subscriptions (or find ones for $5 or less a year). Tips include visiting web sites that collect free magazine subscription offers, cashing in frequent flier miles and heading to online retailers like for cheap deals.

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