Cocktails on the Cheap: 4 Ways to Save on Drinks This Summer

How To Cocktails on the Cheap: 4 Ways to Save on Drinks This Summer

Scorching summer temperatures and outdoor gatherings with friends and family have people  thirsting for cool,  refreshing cocktails on a budget.  Here are four easy ways to mix up some mouth-watering beverages without putting a strain on your wallet.

Choose Your Booze

Prefer vodka to gin? Stick with your preference and use the money you’d spend on other alcohol for different mixers. The price of an additional bottle can easily equate to the cartons of orange juice, tonic water and cola that let you create a variety of tasty drinks. There are some great non-alcoholic beverages that will save you even more money and cater to whatever group you maybe hosting

Make it With Ice

If you have a blender, consider making a frozen drink. You’ll find you don’t have to use as much alcohol or mixers to get a full glass.

Shop Wholesale

Ignore the temptation to buy marked-up alcohol at your local corner store or gas station. While it may be more convenient, grocery stories and big box retailers will almost always get you more bang for your buck. Charles Shaw from Trader Joes over ice? Need we say more!

Happy Hours

If you’re meeting up with friends, look for bars or restaurants that offer happy hour specials. You can often enjoy extended happy hours during the summer and as much as 50% off select appetizers and beverages.

So cheers to summer and good times with friends and family! Have fun, be safe and always select a designated driver.


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