6 Leftover Halloween Candy Recipes

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Between the candy your kids collect and leftovers from the trick-or-treat bowl, it’s entirely possible you’ll end Halloween night with several pounds in the house.

When we asked chefs, foodies, moms and other experts for tips to use it up—besides sneaking handfuls, of course—several suggested throwing extra candy out. (Gasp!)

No need to resort to such tactics. If you really want the candy out of the house, consider donating it.

Dentists and other groups often organize charitable candy collections to send to troops abroad and others.

In your kitchen, get creative. One mini bar can be swirled into coffee for a kind of mocha, or crumbled into trail mix.

Hide them inside cupcakes, layer into s’mores instead of plain chocolate squares, or use them to decorate holiday gingerbread houses.

Chefs also recommend grating and freezing chocolates to use as ice cream toppings and in recipes long past their best-by date for the pantry.

There are also plenty of recipes that call for candy as an ingredient. In fact, leftover candy could be your secret ingredient in dishes during the rest of the holiday season.

Here are 6 recipes to try:

Candy Corn Nutter Butter Cookie Bars

This no-bake recipe via AllFreeCasseroleRecipes.com features a hefty helping of candy corn.

Milky Way Cake Mix Cookies

Pieces of fun-size Milky Way bars get mixed into cookies in this Recipe Lion pick.

It creates a gooey center.

Everything But the Kitchen Sink Brownies

Melissa Randall of “Baking with Melissa” says these brownies are the perfect use for Halloween leftovers: They allow for a mix of toppings, including chocolates and cookies.

Butterfinger Blondies

AllFreeCasseroleRecipes.com suggests these dessert bars, topped with buttercream and crushed Butterfinger bars.

Quick Fix Mounds Poke Cake

Recipe Lion suggests this easy cake, featuring chopped up mini Mounds bars.

Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

Ever notice how candy corn makes awesome “turkey feathers” on sugar cookies? Try it. PS: It works for dinosaur cookies, too!

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