4 Actions Every Homeowner Should Take Right Now

Housing Finances

What makes something worth the time and the money?

When it comes to your home, it’s all about long-term benefits.

These four actions will save you tons of time and money down the road!

Plant Trees

If you have a yard that can handle it, planting a few trees on your property will go a long way.

Not only will trees provide comfortable shade and reduce your cooling bills during the summer, they’ll also increase your property value by 7 to 15 percent over time.


Keep Track of the Past

 Ten years from now, are you going to remember the exact date you had your roof repaired?

Probably not!

Routine maintenance and upkeep is a lot easier when you have detailed records of everything that’s happened to your home, so record as you go.

Tip: An easy way to do this is by filling out your Homefolio on BrightNest.

Inspect “Hidden” Areas

How is the insulation in your attic looking these days? What about the pipes in your basement?

These unseen areas of your house can fall into disrepair if you don’t check them out every once in a while!

For a more detailed list of important spots, read: Inspect This! The BrightNest Home Maintenance Roundup.

Be Proactive

It’s easy to ignore small problems around the house.

But if you get into the habit of ignoring issues like squeaky doors, peeling wallpaper and dripping faucets, you no longer have a “small problem.”

You have a Frankenstein monster of minor complications.

The solution is easy: if something’s broken, simplify your life by taking care of it right away.

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