Survey Reveals Financial Resolutions for 2015

Financial Goals Survey Reveals Financial Resolutions for 2015

It may not come as a big surprise since we all know that Mint users are financially savvy – but saving for a big purchase and paying off debt reign supreme for Mint users when it comes to their 2015 financial resolutions!

In a recent Mint survey, millennials revealed that their top financial stressor included debt (think student loans), saving for retirement, and over spending – while respondents age 36+ were most stressed out by not having enough savings for the future (you’re not alone)!

We hope the takeaways from the Mint user survey below will help encourage you to be good with your money  and keep working towards your 2015 financial goals all year long! 2015 Survey Results:

In 2015, my primary financial goal is:

  • Saving for a big purchase (house, car, etc.): 35%
  • Paying off debt: 34%
    • Paying off student loans – 14.16%
    • Paying off credit card debt – 19.06%
    • Saving for an emergency fund – 22.20%
    • Saving for a vacation – 9.62%

How much do I save?

  • 93% of respondents are saving at least once a year with 83% of all respondents putting money away every paycheck

What do I spend my money on?

  • 59% of all respondents by far the biggest expenditure every month was housing
  • 28% of respondents said their highest expenditure is food and beverage

What I find most stressful about finances:

  • The overall trend of financial stressors among respondents age 36+ was not having enough money or enough savings for the future
    • Interesting, a number of respondents over the age of 36 are still paying off student loan debt
    • Among millennials – the responses seem to vary including not making enough money, debt (including student loans), saving for retirement, over spending, and not having enough money  to afford the things they want

Do the results above ring true for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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