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Happy National Read a Book Day! Hopefully you’re getting the chance to relax during the long weekend, and perhaps that includes opening a book by the pool or at home. In honor of today’s celebration of the written word, we’re sharing some of our favorite books. Read one and you just may find the inspiration you need for the next step on your financial journey! Do you have a favorite personal finance book? Share it with us on Twitter @mint, and you may see your selection here!

Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties

By Beth Kobliner (Buy)

MintLife blog contributor
 Beth Kobliner wrote the ultimate playbook for getting your finances in order during young adulthood. This New York Times bestseller teaches you easy-to-follow steps toward getting control of your money. She covers it all: credit cards, student loans, budgets, savings, investments and buying a home, too – a one-stop shop for all your money questions.

Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money: The Handbook of Financial Peace University

By Dave Ramsey (Buy)

Dave Ramsey
 is one of the most famous names in personal finance. He’s authored 12 books and travels the country to share time-tested financial principles with eager fans. In his most recent book, Dave offers an A-to-Z guide of all things money, providing practical how-to advice for finding financial peace for readers of all backgrounds.

Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In

By Roger Fisher, William L. Ury & Bruce Patton (Buy)


Getting to Yes may be more than three decades old, but its lessons are universally relevant in any year. You may be a budgeting wizard already, but the art of negotiation is a challenging skill to learn. From your salary to your car and even some of your bills, learning to confidently seek mutually acceptable agreements will pay off in your financial life over and over again. Negotiation isn’t just for diplomats!

The Charles Schwab Guide to Finances After Fifty: Answers to Your Most Important Money Questions

by Carrie Schwab Pomerantz (Buy)


Twenty-somethings aren’t the only ones that need advice for securing a healthy financial future! The daughter of legendary investment banker Charles Schwab breaks down the unique financial issues faced in middle age and beyond, including putting kids through college and preparing for retirement.

Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business

By Barbara Corcoran (Buy)


You may know Barbara Corcoran as a no-nonsense star of Shark Tank, but she was once a waitress who had gone through more than 20 dead-end jobs. In Shark Tales, she shares her inspiring story of how she took a $1,000 loan from her boyfriend and transformed it into a $6 billion business empire – a must read for anyone thinking about starting their own business.

The Truth About Money

By Ric Edelman (Buy)


Does the idea of taking a quiz make your blood run cold? In this case, it shouldn’t! Ric Edelman’s bestselling roadmap to financial wellness kicks off with a quiz to gauge the areas you already understand and where you need help. With the results, you can skip the sections where you’re already set and get down to brass tax faster. Now in its fourth edition, The Truth about Money is a no-brainer for your bookshelf.

One Bed, One Bank Account: Better Conversations on Money and Marriage

By Carrie Olsen & Derek Olsen (Buy)


Having open and honest discussions about finances is a foundational element to strong relationships – and sometimes one of the hardest things to actually do. Derek and Carrie Olsen survived a personal financial crisis in the early days of their marriage, and they emerged stronger and ready to share their hard-earned lessons so other couples can get started early with necessary conversations.


We asked Minters on Twitter and Facebook what books inspired their financial rebound, and they had some great suggestions! Check out their recommendations, get started with your new financial makeover and share your own with @mint.

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