Wallet-Friendly Father’s Day Gifts

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Father’s Day is almost upon us and, as usual, you’re struggling to think of something special to get dad that isn’t a tie and doesn’t break the bank. For those who don’t have time to think outside the box this June, we’ve prepared a handy little list of inexpensive Father’s Day gifts that he won’t forget about the day after.

Some Like It Hot! Make Your Own Hot Sauce

Men like hot sauce – and your dad is probably no exception. They also like making their own stuff to show off to their friends. The “Some Like It Hot! Make Your Own Hot Sauce” kit from Edmund Scientifics makes the perfect gift, just in time for grilling season. For under $20, dad can make his own hot sauce just the way that he likes it, tailoring the spice mixture to his own tastes.

Hero Worship

Chances are good that your dad has heroes of his own. Whether it’s a childhood love of Steve McQueen, a current infatuation with A-Rod or a longstanding obsession with some obscure Civil War general, grab him a book about his hero. If pop isn’t really the book-reading type, go ahead and grab him a book on tape. We guarantee that he’ll like it more than hearing about all the traffic he’s going to sit through or wacky noises from AM commute DJs. This will run you between $20 and $50… and don’t forget ebooks! You can often get a bunch of them for the price of a single hard copy.

Grilling Accessories

A lot of dads dig grilling, but they tend to use their grilling tools until they literally fall apart. Earmark your Father’s Day budget this year for a new set of grilling accessories. There are a number of grilling tool kits, sometimes with dozens of pieces, that you can get for under $50. Tell dad to throw out that ratty old grill brush and scratched up set of tongs when you give him the grilling accessories that he badly needed.

Spotify Subscription

If your dad loves music but isn’t the most tech savvy guy in the world, teach him how to use Spotify. It has over 15 million songs and is easy to navigate. Not only does Spotify boast studio albums, it also has rarities and outtakes, many of which are hard to find, such as the entire run of Dick’s Picks Grateful Dead bootlegs. Spotify Unlimited costs a mere $5 a month, which means for just $60, your gift will last throughout the year. Or, if you prefer, throw down $10 a month for Spotify Premium, which lets him bring his Spotify account anywhere on his smartphone or tablet.

Beer of the Month Club

Get dad branching out in the world of brew with a subscription to the Beer of the Month club. Offered through Clubs of America, you can get dad started for under $50. The Clubs of America website also offers a Wine of the Month and a Cigar of the Month club if your dad’s taste in vices doesn’t skew towards the suds. For the more health-inclined father, there’s a Fruit of the Month Club, to0.

Do Stuff For Him

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to do something really special for your dad? You’d give him a coupon for a back rub, car wash or some other minor chore. Well, now that you’re an adult, you can probably do a whole lot more for him. Don’t ever think that you’re too old to give your dad a book of coupons for services. Not only will he appreciate not having to shovel snow from his own driveway, but the childishness of such a gift has a bit of twee charm that will make dad blush and smile.

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader

If your dad is like mine, he likes to read on the throne. The long-running Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series is filled with interesting trivia and quirky stories, with articles arranged by length to let dad select a gripping yarn appropriate for the time frame he plans to occupy the best seat in the house.

Nicholas Pell is a freelance writer based out of Hollywood, CA. His father is generally satisfied with a well-written letter.


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