Things You Should Never Buy Used

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Like most people, you don’t like to pay too much. To that end, you’re into buying things second-hand, from clothing to cars. But be careful: not everything is something you should buy second hand. In some cases, you’re merely getting a bad deal. In other cases, you’re actually putting your family in danger. Here are some things that even the most conscious penny pincher should never buy used.

Baby Furniture

It’s great to get your baby’s clothes from a second-hand store. Especially since babies outgrow clothing so quickly, you’re going to save a ton of money. But there are some things you should never buy your newborn second-hand. Cribs are the most dangerous thing to buy used, but, in general, don’t get any baby furniture second-hand. You can never tell what’s safe and what has been the subject of a recall since it was first manufactured.

Ditto on car seats, which are literally stamped with an expiration date, as technology is constantly improving and safety regulations change. It can also be impossible to tell if the car seat was involved in an auto accident. If that is the case, the car seat cannot be used again- they are only designed to protect children from a single accident. Stay on the safe side and purchase your car seat brand new.

Computers and Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics can add up quickly, but that doesn’t mean you should go trolling Craigslist for your iPhone. The reason being many of the great deals in classified ads aren’t great deals at all — they’re hot merchandise. The Internet is increasingly becoming a place to sell stolen goods and consumer electronics are some of the biggest offenders.

The worst part is, if you buy a stolen computer and it gets tracked to you, you’ll likely lose your computer and get nothing in return. In a nightmare scenario, you can actually be charged with a crime. Even if you do buy a computer that doesn’t have a sketchy history, it might be damaged in ways that aren’t easy for you to see. Better to avoid the situation completely by buying refurbished computers, not previously owned ones.


America’s city dwellers know all about the silent epidemic: bedbugs. Once they come into your home, you’re going to have one heck of a time getting rid of them. You might as well start considering them your new roommates and asking them to chip in on the electricity bill. Help keep these little bloodsuckers out of your personal space by never buying used bedding or mattresses. You might balk at the price tag of a new mattress, but it’s significantly cheaper and less stressful to just buy one new, rather than trying rid your home of bedbugs. Be careful about any couches or upholstery you buy for the same reason.


Never buy any kind of helmet second-hand. The reason being, helmets are designed to protect your head from a hard crash. Note that we said “a” hard crash. That’s because, just like a child’s car seat, helmets are only designed to protect your head from a single impact. Once they’ve taken that, they might be better than nothing, but not much. Whether you’re buying for a bicycle or a motorcycle, don’t skimp. Get something new and the finest quality your money can buy.


Buying second-hand makeup is a great way to get yourself sick. You might save a few pennies, but you’ll probably quickly spend the money on cold sore treatments and visits to the doctor for pink eye. Used makeup, and the cases it comes in, are often breeding grounds for infectious disease and bacteria. If you want to save on cosmetics, consider making your own instead of buying them new. You can also check out MintLife’s list of the 10 best drug store beauty buys.

Vacuum Cleaners

Think about how much abuse a vacuum cleaner takes in an average year. You put it to work on the regular, probably without a great deal of thought about how you’re treating it. Vacuum cleaners, even good ones, have come down in price to the point where it’s cheaper to buy a new one than it is to repair an old one. Don’t bother saving a few bucks here.

Nicholas Pell is a freelance writer based out of Hollywood, CA. He buys just about everything used. 


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