The Cure for Medical Billing Errors

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Estimates say that anywhere from 40-80% of medical bills contain errors. Is that you?

No one has yet built a robot that will read and organize your medical bills and challenge them when they’re incorrect. But has the next best thing.

The free website that works very much like for health care has just introduced a feature that automatically scans all your medical claims for many types of billing errors, problems with coverage, and money-saving tips.

Simplee has seen an average savings of $91 for every claim it has flagged. One user even found a billing problem that led to a $970 rebate check when he pointed it out to his insurance company.

Simplee provides one centralized dashboard where you can manage your health care expenses and pay your bills online. Every claim that comes through Simplee is screened for errors and savings tips, so you can review and understand the charges before paying. Then, when you’re ready, the bill pay feature allows you to securely pay any medical provider electronically.

Mint members can now a $10 credit towards the first medical bill they pay through Simplee.

Simplee emails you every time you have a new claim and flags it if it needs your attention.

Each flagged claim contains useful insights on why a service wasn’t fully covered and instructions on what to do next.

The website makes it easy to recognize these issues, without having to decipher a lot of ridiculous fine print. It really is like your own personal health care finance robot…

To take advantage of the special Mint offer, sign up at, and when you pay your first bill, enter the promo code “MINTPROMO” (code is case sensitive).

Tomer Shoval is the CEO and Co-Founder of Simplee, a free online personal health care expense management tool. Connect with him on twitterfacebook or email.









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