Personalize Your Life With These 7 Free Apps

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We don’t want to get all mushy or anything, but you’re one-of-a-kind! And that means you have unique wants and needs.

There are a lot of mobile apps out there focusing on personalization, and some do a better job than others.

We pulled together seven of our favorites – each one will help you customize a different facet of your daily life.

Here they are!

Sworkit (Your Fitness)

Sworkit can help you get fit, regardless of how much time you have or where you are.

After downloading the app, you can choose what type of training you’re after (strength, cardio, yoga), your workout (full body, core, lower body) and the amount of time you have (anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes).

That’s it! Sworkit will curate a set of exercises just for you.

Available in: iTunesGoogle PlayAmazon Apps

BrightNest (Your Home)

The latest version of BrightNest takes home customization to a new level with the Interactive Home Quiz.

The app serves up a series of simple “yes or no” questions about your home and delivers a personalized tip based on each response.

BrightNest also allows you to create custom to-dos and set recurring reminders, so whether you want to reorganize your tool shed twice a year or clean your fish tank once a week, BrightNest will help you get it done.

Available in: iTunes

Mint (Your Finances)

Mint helps you understand exactly where your money is going.

Once securely synced with your bank accounts, Mint creates a customized budget based on personal spending.

Then, the app gives you the freedom to choose your own budget limits.

Whether you need to adjust your spending to include a new hobby (hello, new pottery wheel) or simply track your meals out, Mint makes it easy.

Available in: iTunesGoogle PlayAmazon AppsWindows Store

mySkin (Your Skincare)

The mySkin app demystifies skincare by creating a personalized routine based on your skin.

When you sign up for mySkin, you’re prompted to answer questions about your skin type (dry or oily), skin color, hair color and past skin problems (like acne, blackheads or scars).

The app then serves up a skincare routine that’s right for you and recommends products.

Available in: iTunesWindows Store

Ness (Your Food)

When you sign up for Ness, they’ll prompt you to select the types of foods you like and the types you hate.

After that, Ness will serve up restaurant recommendations, and allow you to rate places you’ve already tried.

Every time you rate a place you’ve eaten (it’s kind of like Netflix for restaurants), their recommendations for you will improve.

Available in: iTunes

Lumosity (Your Brain)

Do you have trouble remembering people’s names?

What about doing quick math in your head or switching between different tasks?

Lumosity can help you get better at each of these things (or all three!).

When you create an account, Lumosity prompts you to select the different aspects of your brain that you’d like to train.

Then, they send you a customized workout routine every day. You can set training reminders at a time that works for you.

Available in: iTunes

Keep (Your Closet)

Love to shop but hate the mall?

Keep personalizes the shopping experience by bringing styles you’ll actually wear into one app.

To customize your experience, choose brands, stores and looks that fit your personal style.

Then, under the MyFeed tab, you’ll see curated shoes, bags, clothes and home items for sale.

When you scroll over an item you like, you can “Buy” or “Keep,” making sure you never miss a deal.

Available in: iTunesGoogle Play

BrightNest is a free site that provides tools and tips to homeowners to help them save money, get organized and keep their homes in great shape. Sign up for a free BrightNest account today!


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