7 Tempting Household Items You Probably Don’t Need

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Are there items in your home that haven’t been touched in years?

If so, you’re not alone! Sometimes, things seem great in theory (especially when you see them at 2 AM on an infomercial).

But when they actually make it into your home, they become official dust collectors.

Watch out for these 7 tempting items – they’re famously not worth it!

Home Fitness Equipment

Average Cost: at least $30 (probably more!)

Pumping iron at home sounds great in theory (who wants to deal with a gym?) but when it comes down to it, many of us ignore the thigh master and treadmill that’s taking up space.

In fact, Consumer Reports found that nearly 40 percent of people used their home exercise machines far less than they had planned.

Instead of spending cash on at-home equipment, consider using a free app like Sworkit or Fitocracy.

That way, you can skip the pricey home equipment and the gym membership.

Banana Slicers

Average Cost: $10

We admit that this kitchen gadget looks cool, but let’s be real – how often do you really need to slice bananas?

We’re guessing probably not enough to justify a $10 fancy slicer.

Instead, use a knife! It’ll get the job done.

Note: Banana slicers aren’t the only kitchen gadget you should never buy.

Baby Wipe Warmer

Average Cost: $25

When you’re a first-time parent, the number of things you need to buy for a baby can be overwhelming, and it’s tough to know what’s really necessary.

We’re here to simplify life (at least a little bit): skip the baby wipe warmer.

Instead, warm a cold baby wipe in between your palms before you use it.

Your baby’s bum will stay warm, and you’ll have one less baby-thing to buy!

But listen, if you want to splurge on the wipe warmer to avoid any potential extra tears/stress/middle of the night soothing sessions, we totally get it.

Dog Bed

Average Cost: $50 – $80 (depending on the size of your dog)

Don’t get us wrong, we think every dog deserves a comfy place to sleep, but there are a lot of ways to make a dog bed without going to the store.

(And Spot will enjoy them just as much.)

Try making your own dog bed with pillows and old blankets or towels. Not only can you control how soft the bed will be, you’ll save some cash.

Tip: If you’re skeptical about the aesthetics of pillows and blankets, consider putting the makeshift bed in a suitcase.

Wine Stopper

Average Cost: $10 – $15 (and up!)

Someone once said that popping a cork is one of the few sounds in the world that brings true joy to the listener, but we don’t think it’s necessary to plug that bottle back up with a fancy-schmancy wine stopper.

Instead, just use a cork. Once a cork is back in the bottle, it does a great job preserving your wine.

If you want something a little more attractive, make your own stopper with leftover corks.

We love this geode version made by Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Alarm Clock

Average Cost: $20 (and up!)

Waking up in the morning can be tough, and an alarm can save the day if you’re prone to oversleep. But, you don’t need to buy a separate item just to wake you up.

Just use your cellphone! You don’t even need a smartphone to set an alarm – flip phones have an alarm built in, too.

DVD Player

Average Cost: $35 (plus the cost of renting DVDs…one at a time)

Do you remember when DVD players were luxury items that cost $100 or more?

Yeah, that’s because they were useful. Now, there are a slew of other ways to get your Leonardo DiCaprio fix.

Like Netflix!

You can get a membership to Netflix for $7.99 a month and have endless entertainment streamed directly to a computer, tablet or other device (like an Apple TV, PlayStation or Xbox).
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