10 Techie Holiday Gifts for Under $50

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Do you have a techie on your holiday list this year? I love shopping for new tech products, whether it’s for myself or a gift. It’s coughing up the cash for the latest and greatest techie gear where I run into a major roadblock.

If you are shopping for a techie but can’t stomach the high price of innovative technology, here are 10 products a techie will love that won’t blow your holiday shopping budget:

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Set of 3 Smartphone Camera Lenses (sold separately, $20 – $25 each) – $49.95

This set of 3 smartphone camera lenses (fisheye, telephoto, wide angle/macro) are like pro-lenses for your phone! Each is crafted out of solid aluminum and outfitted with thick, high-clarity glass.

Android phone lens, iPhone lens, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry, MacBook … these lenses work with any phone or device that has a lens on it, even if you use a case.

The Amplifiear for iPad – $24.99

The Amplifiear simply clips onto the corner of the iPad and reflects and projects the sound coming from the speaker forwards towards the user.

The Amplifiear is made of ABS plastic and is 100% recyclable. The paperboard for the packaging is obtained from certified sustainable tree farms.  It is unbleached and 100% recyclable.

Even the plastic cover on the packaging is made of PETE, one of the most commonly recycled plastics and is 100% recyclable.

Logitech Washable Keyboard – $39.99

Life happens and this keyboard is ready. From a light dusting to a soak*, this washable keyboard is easy to clean and easy to dry. It’s submergible in up to 30 cm (11 inches) of water and has convenient drainage holes at the back for speedy drying.

Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger – $27.95

The Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger features our exclusive GreenZero Technology — the most eco-friendly way to charge mobile devices while totally eliminating the wasteful stand-by consumption (Zero idle power) that other chargers consume when left plugged in.

The unique design features on-click charging and automatically shuts off with zero idle power when device is fully charged. Includes a cord winder for tangle-free cable storage and transport and works with any smartphone with a USB cable. *cable not included

Great Balls of Wire – $8.49

You know what really shakes our nerves and rattles our brains? Loose cords hanging all over our desks, counters and walls!

Well, you can stop chewing your nails over all those loose cords and wires because goodness, gracious… Great Balls of Wire! It is the simple, colorful way to tame that tangle of cords that seems to follow us everywhere these days.

Scribe Laptop Desk – $32.99

Work smarter, not harder. Scribe is a modular desk for your bed that hangs when it’s not in use.

Sleek features that hold your books and keep pens from rolling out of reach help you stay organized, while the unique hanging function keeps everything close at hand.

Working from your bed just got a little easier!

Makey Makey Invention Kit – $49.99


MaKey MaKey gives digital life to inanimate objects — food, plants, coins, lead, toys, cutlery, and more. With the kit, you can transform any object that can conduct electricity into a touch interface or computer keyboard controller.

The MaKey MaKey kit includes a circuit board, USB cable, 7 alligator clips, and 6 connector wires. When you clip one of the connector wires to an object, you’re assigning a specific keyboard control to that object. The only limit is your imagination. Great for all ages.

GRID-IT! Tech Organizer – $14.99

The GRID-IT!™ system provides endless configurations for your digital devices and personal effects. Conveniently sized for your current laptop bag or travel case, you will save time on the go by easily finding what you need.

Boombotix Boom Bot 1 Portable Speaker System – $44.99

Rock out to your favorite tunes with this BoomBotix BB1 speaker that is designed for use with your Apple iPod, mobile phone, laptop or tablet and features a 50mm 3W driver for powerful sound. The ruggedized, water-resistant design offers durability.

Converge USB Charging Hub – $39.99

Converge is the futon of charging hubs. Its white folds remind us of a bendy futon mattress, but it has the added feature of a slot to slip in charging cables. With the help of soft TPE grips, cables stay nestled out of sight behind Converge.

Just plug the power source into your nearest outlet and you can charge up to 4 USB devices while they chill out on Converge’s curvy frame.

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