10 More Drug Store Beauty Buys That Can’t Be Beat

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10 More Drug Store Beauty Buys That Can't Be Beat :: Mint.com/blog

Last year, I made a confession to all of you: I used to sell overpriced makeup for a high-end cosmetics company that shall remain nameless, and I made amends by revealing some of my favorite drug store beauty buys.

Still, some of you figured out who I used to work for, even though the only hint I revealed was that it was the 90’s and I used to wear all black and way too much makeup.

You guys are good. Too good.

Well, I’m back with 10 more of my favorite drug store beauty buys. Some are oldies but goodies, and some are recommendations that came from your comments on last year’s post (thanks, BTW!).

Here are 10 more drug store beauty buys that can’t be beat:

Trader Joe’s Nourish Facial Moisturizer

I am a huge fan of Trader Joe’s Nourish All-in-One Facial Cleanser (make sure you read my insider secret about the creator of the products so you can fully appreciate the awesomeness) and the latest addition to the line delivers against my high expectations.

With an impressive list of antioxidants, moisturizing ingredients, and an ultra-low price tag, your skin and your wallet will be jumping for joy. Also, the product is fragrance, oil, and paraben-free for all you folks with sensitive skin.

Bonus: I travel a lot and the pump is easy to lock – no surprise messes in my toiletry bag!

Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss

The Burt’s Bees line of lip gloss hosts an impressive array of colors (I am a big fan of “Sunny Day” – it’s a great nude gloss for summer) and the product goes on sheer, smooth, and has real lasting powder.

Plus, Burt’s Bees products are almost all 100% natural and none are tested on animals. I have read some reviews that say the Burt’s Bees lip gloss is dry and sticky, but I have not had that experience at all.

FYI: If you want to try another fabulous Burt’s Bees beauty product, try the lip shimmers. They don’t disappoint!

e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whip

This is a recommendation straight from a MintLife reader.

Highlighting and contouring is all the rage in the makeup world right now, and with a price tag of just $1, the e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whips are a great way to try this trend without a huge investment (they have been compared to the industry favorite, Benefit’s “High Beam” – $26).

I personally love the shade “Toasted” but there are several others to choose from, depending on your skin tone and desired effect.

Here’s a great resource on the various e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whip shades, as well as a handy tutorial on how to apply them.

Revlon ColorStay Foundation

Ok, I have to admit that I am not a fan of drugstore foundation or concealers.

First, I think it’s best to try on several shades of foundation to get an exact match, which you cannot do in a drugstore. Also, I don’t think the ingredients and staying power of most drug store brands match up to department store brands.

That said, many readers have noted that the Revlon ColorStay foundation is an exception to this rule. I have tried the product and it’s not bad. Not bad at all.

The coverage was impressive and it lasted all day, but getting the right shade took a few trips to the drugstore. If you are looking for a drugstore foundation, definitely give Revlon ColorStay a try. They also have a “whipped” version if you want a lighter application.

PS: If you interested in trying a high-end foundation, I still love my pricey Bare Escentuals original mineral powder. Don’t judge.

Nyx Powder Blush

Here’s another recommendation that came from several MintLife readers: Nyx powder blush.

This popular product comes in an impressive 24 shades that go on smooth and are easy to blend.

Bright blush keeps making an appearance in magazines and on the runways, so at just $5 a pop, you can definitely get away with trying out a few different trendy shades (I’m a fan of the colors “Pinched” and “Pinky”).

Tip: The product may come in a small package, but it packs a powerful punch of color. Start with a small amount and work your way up.

Pixi Correction Concentrate – Brightening Peach

Don’t be fooled by the peach-looking color in the pot. Pixi Correction Concentrate brightens up under eye circles and other darker areas of the face.

I have fair to medium skin and the peach color does a miracle of a job at hiding all those sleepless nights I can thank my children for.

I have read several reviews that say the color works on a variety of skin tones (but it probably won’t work on very light or very dark tones), so if you are looking for a quick way to brighten your look, give this a try.

Hand on my heart; I have ditched my expensive department store concealer for this stuff. The product is $15, which is definitely in the upper price range for drug store products, but I think it’s worth it.

PS: The color is highly concentrated and little goes a long way, so just dab a small amount under your eyes. Plus, too much product makes wrinkles look deeper – ack!

Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

I have a love/hate with this product. I love how it instantly mattifies my face without applying any extra product. But I hate seeing how much oil was actually on my face – yikes!

I’ve been using the Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets since high school. They are cheap, easy to throw in the tiniest of bags, and they do a stellar job at zapping shine.

Nature’s Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

So, you probably won’t find this product at a drugstore, but will definitely see it on the shelves of your local health food store or Whole Foods.

The use of coconut oil isn’t limited to just food and cooking – it’s an excellent beauty product, too! I have very sensitive skin and suffer from eczema and coconut oil is one of the few products I can use to moisturize my skin.

Remember: Your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs everything you put on it (medication, birth control and nicotine patches are good examples).

You can use coconut oil to moisturize your lips, cuticles, and hair, mix it with a little sugar for a DIY face/body scrub, use it to remove eye make up, and it’s been known to be an excellent all-natural personal lubricant (ahem).

FYI: Coconut oil liquefies in warmer temps, so make sure you store it upright and in a tightly sealed container.

Goody Ouchless Shower Comb

If you’re curly-haired like me, go out and buy a pack of these combs today (also, read Curly Girl: The Handbook – it will change your life. Or just your hair, which can sometimes feel like the same thing).

The Goody Ouchless Shower Comb makes taming your unruly locks a lot less, well…ouchless.

Combing curly hair in the shower is essential to maintaining your curls, and since they come in packs of 3, you can afford to keep one in the shower, your gym bag, and still have an extra for Curly Girl emergencies.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner

Last time, I praised my trusty old Wet and Wild’s eyeliner and I’m still holding to that. But, Rimmel comes in at a close second with their waterproof kohl liner.

The black version of the liner is SUPER BLACK and it stays on for a long time. Like, you might only want to wear it for a night out on the town if you plan on wearing a smokey eye to work the next day, too.

The product comes in a variety of shades that cost about $5 apiece, so you can definitely afford to wear a less daring shade during the day and then switch to a deeper color at night.

“10 More Drug Store Beauty Buys That Can’t Be Beat” was written by Morgan Quinn, a freelance writer and Managing Editor and Social Media Manager of Mint.com’s blog, MintLife. You can read more of her at The Little Hen House


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