10 DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

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Gone are the days of ugly hand-knit sweaters, stale fruitcakes and hodge-podge Christmas wreaths.

The DIY Christmas gift scene has been revolutionized, and now there are hundreds of great ideas floating around in cyberspace.

So how is one to find the best of the best? We’ve compiled our top 10 favorite DIY gifts for your crafting convenience!

For the Ladies

Peppermint Pampering in the Jar: Peppermint is the scent of the season, and what better way to enjoy it than with a pampering set?

The pink tint adds a girly flair that’s perfect for tweens, teens and lovely ladies.

Mercury Glass: Pretty and trendy, DIY mercury glass vases are the perfect gift for your design-savvy friend.

Throw in some fresh flowers or their favorite scented candles for an extra special touch.

Simmer Potpourri: Holiday party at a friend’s house?

This homemade simmer potpourri is the perfect hostess gift to keep their house smelling festive throughout the season.

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And since you can make large batches of this, they make great gifts for friends in the office too!

Chevron Necklace:  A beautiful, simple chevron necklace will be a welcome gift for your favorite fashionista.

Chevron and leather are two of the biggest trends of the season, so this DIY will definitely get some wear.

For the Men

BBQ Rubs: Homemade BBQ rubs let you personalize the flavors and monitor the sodium.

It’s a thoughtful gift for any grillin’ man.

Man Candles: Since Man CANdles came out a few years ago, they’ve grown in popularity.

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Now there’s a DIY version! Make a single candle or a large batch to give to friends and family.

Beer Soap: Got a beer lover on your list?  Look no further than this black-and-tan beer soap!

Want to give them a little more than soap? A six pack of their favorite micro-brew is the perfect sidekick.

For the Kids

Jell-O Play-Doh: Who didn’t love playing with Play-Doh as a kid? Your little one will love playing with this homemade version.

Added bonus:  This recipe uses Jell-O, so you still get pretty colors and none of that weird Play-Doh smell!

For Everyone

Hot Chocolate: Is there anything more decadent then a cup of rich hot chocolate? Packaged hot chocolate is always a crowd pleaser.

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Give it in a dressed-up mason jar with a Cuppow lid so they can take it on the go, or in cute mug to sip at home.

Miss You Cups: Personalized mugs make great gifts, and they’re pretty simple to make!  Be as creative as you’d like. Sharpie mugs are a great gift for friends and family.

Monogrammed Ornament: Ornaments are a traditional Christmas gift, and you can jazz them up when you do it yourself, like this monogrammed glitter ornament!

All right do-it-yourselfers, time to get crafting!

Are there any DIY gifts you love to give that we missed? Tell us in the comments below.

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